LED Linear Lighting

Video Control System


VC-ST Controller

  • Standalone control with made selections and speed adjustment.
  • 32~256 levels of gray scale control with Gamma correction.
  • Supporting various dots,linear and surface illumination lighting systems, as well as all types of lighting design in custom shapes.
  • Single output to control maximum 2048 pixels.
  • Multiple units could be daisy chained for standalone control in synchronization, play-back program storage by SD cards.
  • Store up to 16 video files which shall be pasted into the SD card by numerical order.


VC-LP Controller

  • PC based control system to control up to 300,000 pixels when multiple units work in synch.
  • 32~256 levels of gray scale control with Gamma correction.
  • Used with LedEdit software for video mapping in various configurations and shapes.
  • 8 outputs to control 4096 pixels in total.
  • Interconnection between units via TCP/IP protocol without need for external switching.
  • Each unit in a chain commands a corresponding IP address to enhance stability of the system.
  • Standalone operation to play back programs stored in the SD card.