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Are you looking for a change... a novelty, in the world of LED lights? Well, look no further. You've come to the right place..!

NAFFCO group has been the pioneers in the field of safety and security products with its presence in all major countries across the globe and LEDPRO is the latest to join its bandwagon of superlative products. LEDPRO's main aim is to provide you much more than what other LED solutions can ever claim to! These lighting products not only provide the perfect ambience to enhance your mood, they also help you to save more! Available in different types that you can select depending on your requirements, these magnificient LED lighting requirements would actually make you think that LEDPRO is needed the source of illumination thats going to stay here! Our experts can help you to know more about these amazing lighting solutions and thus you can choose them for your residential or commercial spaces. The future of illumination is here!

Presenting, LEDPRO - a state-of-the-art LED light bulb, that has immense energy-saving peculiarity, designed by the largest fire equipment manufacturer in the Middle East - NAFFCO and market leaders in Antique lighting manufacturer in the Middle East- Brasslight International

Our Headquaters

Established in the year 1991, is one of the top manufacturers of Fire Fighting equipment in the World.

Antique Lighting Division

Established in the year 2003, is one of the top manfucturers of Antique Lights in the Middle East.


To gratify and delight our clients by designing and providing perfect lighting solutions and embracing the creative abilities of our talented Engineers, with our unique range of lighting products.



Ever wondered how to curtail the increasing electricity bills without compromising on the luminosity of your household bulb? Well.. if your answer is YES, you don't need to worry now. Here, we present before you LEDPRO, an avant-grade LED bulb with great energy saving peculiarity.

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Fluorescent lighting contain mercury whereas LEDs do not. This makes LEDs safer both to use and dispose of. The mercury contained in just one fluorescent lamp is enough to contaminate 30,000 liters of water beyond safe drinking level limits. Fluorescent lamps are therefore classified as ‘hazardous waste’.
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Cost Effective

The true cost that of fluorescent lighting is not only in it’s energy consumption. There is also maintenance level in its lifetime, replacement labour and lamp outlay, and disposal costs. With LED, these costs don’t exist. LED is a Fit-&-Forget solution.
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Safe Lighting

LEDs emit minimal Ultraviolet light (UV). UV light attracts insects and can be harmful to skin, clothing and artwork. Heat emissions are greatly reduced with LED, which means they are cool to touch and perfect for heat sensitive applications.
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LEDs do not contain a filament that can be damaged by shock and vibration - making LED one of the most stable light sources available.
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Instant On

LEDs produce 100% light instantly, with none of the warm up time required by fluorescents. In addition to this they are free of visible flicker - ideal to help prevent discomfort associated with traditional lighting.
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Long Life

The life of LED is between 4 and 40 times greater than traditional products. What’s more, they produce consistent light output over their entire life.
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Reduce Carbon

LEDs converts up to 80% of energy into light. Which reduces electricity costs and dramatically reduces carbon emissions.
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More Brighter

LED lights have high marks on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), Which indicates accurate true color reproduction, meaning they produce a superior color light that's more pleasing and relaxing, increasing comfort and mood.

LEDPRO is the unobtrusive way to provide smooth, linear lighting almost anywhere. The low profile design features a frosted diffuser for even illumination and with optional manual or remote control dimmers, creating the perfect atmosphere is effortless.

Our Specified Field Of Lighting

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To gratify and delight our clients by designing and providing perfect lighting solutions, embracing the creative abilities of our talented engineers, with our unique range of lighting products. LEDPRO is one such creative endeavour of ours that is designed to make your lives brighter. Only this time, we added a little twist to the tale!


Commercial Lighting

The LED Commercial Lighting Series of products consists of a broad selection of LED Wall Washer, Spot, and Flood solutions as well as LED Flexible Linear, LED Color Changing Tubes, LED Video Flooring, LED Vision and Marker Pixels for indoor and outdoor applications. Incorporating the latest in single color and RGB 2 in 1 LED technology and optics to deliver effective Architectural and application specific illumination.

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Industrial Lighting

LEDPRO offers a diverse selection of industrial LED lighting that helps brighten your entire industrial landscape. LED lighting renders colors more accurately with less heat, gains efficiency at lower temperatures and saves up to 70% on energy costs. LED light fixtures are the perfect solution for a broad range of industrial and high bay lighting projects, including flood processing, refrigerated spaces, warehouses, gymnasiums, natatoriums, cafterias, high-ceiling retail, auditoriums and convention centers.

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Linear Lighting

LEDPRO is the unobtrusive way to provide smooth, linear lighting almost anywhere. The low profile design features a frosted diffuser for even illumination and with optional manual or remote control dimmers, creating the perfect atmosphere is effortless. Energy-Efficient, long-lasting LED lighting, Save money by significantly reducing your energy costs as well as reducing your replacement and maintenance costs. LED lights will also save you precious time and dramatically reduce any downtime headaches that you may have experienced with incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent.

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Seasonal Lighting

Seasonal Source is proud to feature the latest innovation in holiday lighting. Our RGB product line ranges from festive pole trees, to programmable signs, to the familiar C7 lens. Cutting edge controllers allow you to create lightshows that everyone will rave over. Choose the benefits of quality realistic greenery with your choice of traditional unit or pre-lit energy-saving LED. Related for indoor or outdoor use.

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